29 July, 2015

The Choice Is Yours

I just preached a message this past Sunday about how that every person has a choice, to obey God and be blessed or to walk in disobedience and bring a curse upon themselves. The Bible is clear on this matter. (Read Deuteronomy chapter 28 for an example) It amazes me how people hear and know the truth but will reject that truth, even knowing the result of their poor choices. The woman who chases after wild dreams and empty promises from a man who wants to use her body but not make a commitment to her... Another woman who will marry a man who she readily admits that they have little in common and no communication between them, simply because she wants to be married... The man who abandons his God-given calling to pursue a woman who he knows is not going to serve God... I could go on and on, but I hear them almost every day; excuses to walk away in disobedience of God. They already know, and when I remind them that they are being disobedient they only become angry. But who will they be angry at when their world falls apart? Far too often we hear "the blessing" preached and taught as if it were merely about financial prosperity, but the blessing of God is in our health, our soul, our mind, our relationships and so many other areas. When a person willfully walks away from Godly principles for living, they invite the curse to overtake them. That's sad.  But there is another side. I see Christians who will wear themselves out emotionally, physically and spiritually trying to persuade such people to "do the right thing." The simple truth of the matter is that once we have give such people the truth, we are done. Jesus told his disciples that if they went to a place and preached the gospel and those people did not receive it, to leave and shake the dust off their feet. Once you've delivered the truth to them, it is out of your hands. Stop wearing yourself out and chasing after people who have made a willful choice to walk out from under the cloud of blessing. That's not being harsh at all, it is about realizing that there are others waiting to hear the gospel for the first time and we are wasting our time chasing people who do not want to be chased. They've made their choice and they will live with the consequences of those choices.

25 July, 2015

Where's the Respect?

I am appalled more and more at the lack of tact, decency and respect that people have for God, themselves and others. I'm not even going to go into detail, but the way people present themselves in public in their dress (or lack thereof) the failure to clean themselves up, their profane language and behavior... I could go on and on, but I sometimes think that people just have zero class or respect for themselves or anyone else.  

Today, I was performing a marriage ceremony when I turned and looked and saw the maid of honor pull a cell phone from her bra and take a couple of selfies and then snapped a couple of pictures of the bride coming down the aisle. She then put the phone back in her bra.  Then a little while later I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and turned to see one of the groomsmen drinking from a flask he had pulled from his coat pocket. This is while the couple is reciting their vows! I'm thinking first of all, where's the respect for God? But if he had no respect for God (for all I know, he may not have believed in God) then how about a little respect for his friends who had honored him with privilege of standing with them on one of the most important days of their lives. And if he had no respect for them, how about a little respect for himself... or all the people sitting there watching him? I was just dumbfounded. What has our society come to?

21 July, 2015

Update on my Weight

I've not given any updates in awhile, but I'm still working on making some changes in my life, eating better, adding exercise as I can and trying to trim some of these pounds off of me. I started in March and had tremendous weight loss the first few weeks, but then it slowed down. We've been on the road a lot since the first of June and it was much more difficult to stay with my plan while traveling. In fact, I gained 5 lbs back during our church Camp Meeting and 12 days on the road for vacation. Since then, I've gotten back on track and lost that weight I'd gained, plus a little more. When I began, I was at 218.5 and as of today, I weighed in at 202. I'm really pleased with losing 16.5 pounds this far. My goal I set was to be at 195 by Christmas, so I am well able to do that.

18 July, 2015

All I Can Say Is Wow!

Today I received a message from someone who I don't even know but had read my blog via Facebook this week and they told me about this report. This describes EXACTLY a portion of what the Lord showed me almost 2 weeks ago!

17 July, 2015

Entertaining Angels

I just had an experience that has left me sitting here for almost an hour asking if it really happened. I was driving from my house in town to the church where I pastor and I saw a guy walking along the road through downtown near the railroad tracks.  He appeared to be homeless as he was pretty disheveled in his appearance and just had that look. I felt a nudge in my spirit to pick him up, so I circled back around a few blocks and went to pick him up. He was right where I had seen him before. I pulled over and asked him if he would like a ride and he smiled, said thanks, and jumped in. He asked if I could possibly take him to Knoxville, which was pretty much out of my way, but I told him I would. Honestly, I did not want to, but since I felt like the Lord told me to pick this guy up that I should take him where he wanted to go. So, I'm driving down Grand Avenue headed out of town and he said in a timid sounding voice, "I hate to ask you, but I'm really hungry. Is there anyway you would consider getting me something to eat?" Now, I normally would not tell something like this, but this month has been particularly tight for us, and I only had a few dollars on me and we really could not afford to feed this guy... not right now.  Yet something told me to feed him. So I pulled over into one of the restaurants. We went in and he asked me if I could get him a cheeseburger and fries to go.  I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I did not even have enough money to order anything for myself. So, I ordered the food for him to go and then excused myself to go to the bathroom. Honestly, I was more than a little perplexed and questioning God as to why he would ask me to do this when things are so tight right now and I really went to the bathroom to pray and ask God just what was going on. I'd love to tell you that God spoke to me like thunder... but I did not hear a word from God. Nothing!  After a couple of minutes I walked back out to where we were sitting and the dude was gone. I looked all over and did not see him. I asked the server (who I knew) where the guy had gone and she looked at me like I was crazy. She told me that I had come into the place all alone. I thought they were playing a joke and asked her again and she said, "Pastor D, are you all right? You've been acting funny since you came in."  I asked her again and she insisted that I had come in alone. I paid for the food and left and sat out in my van for several minutes before driving to the church. I got to the church and I sat here for probably 30 minutes or more before I finally called my wife and said, "Are you ready to think that I have absolutely gone crazy?" (She said, "And what makes today any different than any day?" I told her the story and she was like, "WOAH! That's crazy!"  I told her, I believe I just spent time with an angel! 

Hebrews 13:2 says, "Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it."

I don't know what this means. Was it a test? 
I really don't know... but I'm telling you this totally freaked me out!

I'll Share... You Do With It What You Want

For more than a week now, I've been debating as to whether or not to pass this along. I know some people are going to label me a quack (or worse) but that's OK. Up to now, I've only shared this with one person,  a good friend of mine, at dinner last Friday, and even he looked at me like I was pretty strange. But I've decided to share it... at least some of it. I may share more later, but only when I feel I can.

Last Monday, (July 6) I was praying and I had a vision, of sorts. It literally was like a video playing before me. I heard a voice say, "Judgment begins" and I saw the United States as if I were high in the air, looking down; almost like a satellite image. As I looked, I saw a bursting forth of water in the Pacific ocean off the west cost and a wall of water rose from the ocean and slammed the west coast of the United States  from Northern California  extending to parts of Canada. This wall of water was absolutely massive standing at least 100 feet high or more and it destroyed cities all along the coast leaving dead bodies everywhere. The numbers of dead was in the thousands or even tens of thousands. Then an earthquake hit the west coast and most of California was in ruins. Shortly after this, I saw another wave rise out of the Atlantic ocean and slam the east coast from New York to North Carolina This wave completely covered New York to Washington D.C area and left the entire area underwater. Those cities were now gone and you can only imagine the death and destruction.  After this wave was finished the east coast had a new definition with much of the coast destroyed. 

There is more, but that's all I am going to share at this point. I've often had dream and visions that were symbolic but I believe that this was and will be a literal happening. My friend asked me if I thought it was a nuclear attack. I honestly do not know what caused it. I only saw what I have described.

Enough With the Being Offended!

I probably don't have to tell any of you, but America has become a nation of pansies. Almost every day now, someone announces something new that we should all "be offended" at. One says the Confederate flag, another the United States flag. One says we should be offended because we use the words "under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance and another by the grave of a Confederate General. They want to tear down memorials that mark historical events, dig up the body of the General and move it so as to not offend anyone. Some are offended because someone wears a shirt with scripture on it and want those banned. They banned the wearing of shirts with the U.S. flag in one school in California. Some are offended because Donald Trump DARED to cite a proven fact about the crime rate of illegal immigrants and they demand an apology. (What? for stating a documented fact?) Some what all white people to apologize for being white. Don't laugh... it's true. In a college course my wife just completed they were told that if the teach in the inner city the first thing they should do was apologize to the students for being white. Straight up truth with my hand on the Bible!  It's really getting that crazy.

I want to know when people are going to get offended at stupid people? It think some people need to apologize for their waste of good air that could be used by a person with intelligence. When are people going to "get offended" at the Muslims? Why is it no one seems to be offended at the Hare Krishna's that congregate and dance and play music every single day in Central Park in New York and peddle their little flowers everywhere you look? When are people going to get offended at the New Black Panther Party? They scream racism at a flag (last time I checked, a flag did not have the ability to form thoughts or opinions and therefore could not itself be "racist") but they have absolutely no problem with the Black Panther's calling for the annihilation of all white people. They are offended at a monument depicting soldiers of the Confederacy, while they have no clue what the Civil War was actually fought over. And all the black men and women who stand on the side of the flag and preservation of these monuments are labeled "Uncle Tom's" for daring to not agree with their stupidity! I'm sick of it. Grow up people and if life in these United States offends you so much, please feel free to get your families together and get out of the United States as soon as possible! This is the "land of the free" where we don't have to live according to the whims of a few fascists! (For those who don't know the definition: "One who forcibly suppresses the views of others.")

A couple of days ago I was talking with one of those who felt like everyone was a racists (except herself, of course) and she told me that I did not understand because I was born into "white privilege".  I said, "Really? Can you tell me what ;white privilege' I've been given?  They told me that I could get a job because I was white that no black person could get. So I told them about the time when I literally camped out all night to be in line to apply for a job where they were building new lock and dams on the river. After being there all night and standing in that line all day, when I finally got inside and filled out an application, they put us in a room where we were told that because of affirmative action, there was a certain percentage mandated to be hired that were black men, so many black women, so many of Hispanic background, so many white women and on and on. When they were finished someone asked, "how many jobs are available for white men?" The man was hesitant to say, but finally admitted that less that 10% could legally be "white men." Even though I had several years experience doing the very work that they were hiring for, I could not be hired because I was a white male. How's that for "White Privilege"?  She told me that she did not believe me. So... it's okay that she call me a liar, and I'm NOT supposed to be offended by that? Go figure. 

I went on to tell her that I've never been given anything in my life by the government, paid for my own college education, and I resented the fact that people felt entitled to being taken care of on the dime of the taxes that I pay. She said, "It's because you are white and think you are superior!" Mind you, this woman was as white as a sheet herself. I mean, her skin tone was almost translucent. I told her that she could beat herself up all day for being white, but I refused to do so. I told her I did not feel "superior" to anyone, but that I was not about to apologize to anyone for the pigment of my skin. She again told me that I was a white bigot. So I asked her what would you say if I told her that my family was Cherokee Indian? I kid you not... her response was, "I'm offended that you would call a Native American by that racist name!"  I asked her, "Do you have Native American blood in you?" She replied that her family was Scandinavian. So I said, "But you have the audacity to tell me that YOU are offended because I call my own grandmother "Indian"?  She went off on a rant, telling me that I did not understand and calling me every name under the sun. 

If find that offensive! (tongue firmly planted in cheek)

13 July, 2015

The Ugly Truth They Don't Want You to Know

Take the time to watch this and
then pass it on!

Wake Up! It's Not About a Flag or Marriage Issue!

People of this Nation are so easily distracted and lack focus. While our government has everyone focused on the same sex issue and/or the Confederate flag issue, no one is paying attention to real issues at hand. Our POTUS said when he was campaigning to become President that Bush was un-American to raise the debt to 8 Trillion and throw it on the backs of our children. While everyone is fighting over same sex and flags, the debt has risen to more than $18 Trillion and is projected to be well over $20 Trillion by the time Obama leaves office. Meanwhile, China and Russia are increasing in might and in literally taunting the USA. There is a push to do away with the U.S. Dollar as the Worlds's Reserve Currency. (See my last blog entry for more info)  Greece is formally defaulted on it's debts sending Europe into chaos... and their debt is less than ONE Trillions dollars, while ours is 18 times that amount. What do you think happens, NOT IF, but WHEN we default? There is a reason for all the smoke and mirrors people. Our government WANTS us fighting over flags and marriage issues so that we are oblivious to the real issues of the world. We'd better wake up before it's too late! We're almost there already!

11 July, 2015

This Would Change Everything

For many years now, China and several other countries have tried to change the world's reserve currency. The U.S. Dollar has been the world's reserve currency, which has falsely inflated the dollar and kept America afloat. If you've been paying attention, back in 1971, President Richard Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard. Prior to that, the value of every dollar printed in the U.S. was guaranteed by gold that the U.S. had in reserve. Since that move in 1971, the dollar is backed only by the good name of the United States. Our government has printed money by the billions of dollars for which it has no way to actually pay for, other than an I.O.U. or promise to pay. But now the U.S. is more than $18 Trillion in debt and the world knows we do not have the money to back our promises. So, led by China, several countries have been challenging to replace the Dollar with a more secure currency. Unless you've been living completely out of touch with the world, you probably know that China has been buying up gold and silver in massive amounts for years. And now the time has come for China to make it's move.

Get ready folks, because if they are successful, the world as we know it will literally change overnight. If China succeeds in pulling this off, in October of this year, the world will literally change overnight. They are pulling together support to try to change the world's reserve currency from the dollar. The picture you see above is of a billboard just outside the airport in Bangkok. The are making their move. I hate to sound like an alarmist, but should they succeed in this move, American's will lose fortunes. The U.S. Dollars would instantly be devalued and worth cents on the dollar.  Think it can't happen? Think again. China and Russia have already ceased using the Dollar in their countries as they prepare to make this move. People in America think we are invincible, but the reality is that America could crumble without a shot ever being fired. If this move is completed and the dollar is devalued at this level, then America ceases to have any power or influence in this world. The wealthiest Americans are suddenly destitute. Millions of dollars would suddenly be worth next to nothing.

This threat is real folks. If it does not happen this October, it IS going to happen eventually because the nations debt has positioned the United States to be the dead beats of the world. They all know we cannot repay our debts and we do not have the gold to back up the paper money that is out there, making it absolutely worthless. Without the backing of the world propping up the U.S. we are broke and they know it.  

The Bible has told us for two thousand years that the day was coming when a loaf of bread would cost a days wages (Revelation 6:6)  We are right there. It would not take years to get there, it could literally happen in the blink of an eye if the World's banking system is changed. It's time to get ready. 

How do you get ready? I could talk about hoarding food, water ammo and all that stuff... but the best way to get ready is to give your life to Jesus today. You may not have too much longer to make that decision.

09 July, 2015

The Church Has Failed the World Miserably

Yes, you read that title right. The church has failed the world. Jesus said we (the church) were to be salt and light in this world. Both salt and light change things drastically when they are used. No matter how dark it may be, when one small light is introduced, darkness is dispelled. When salt is used, it flavors, preserves, disinfects and it stings. Neither light nor salt can be hidden. And this is what Jesus was referring to. We are to make a difference. But the church has ceased making a difference. The church, rather than leading and shaping to face of the world has followed after and patterned itself after the world. Sin is no longer called sin. Holiness is not even given thought, let alone taught or lived by the majority of churches. The pulpits are filled with motivational speakers that seek to appease people and tell them how wonderful they are and that it does not matter if they sin or not, just believe you are ok and you are. The result is that you cannot tell the church from the world any more. Adultery is rampant in our churches. Drunkeness is widely accepted and practiced by church members. There is no such thing as righteous living any more. People seem to have forgotten that the reason the world began calling followers of Jesus "Christians" was that the people lived so much like Jesus that the world mocked them for imitating him and called them "Christians" as a derogatory, insulting name. I think we'd be hard pressed to say that the majority of church attenders lives that closely resemble that of Christ. Maybe this really is the "post-Christian Era" after all. 

The church has failed. We sit and shake our heads and bemoan the sin of the world, but it is our fault. It's not the worlds fault. They are in darkness and the light that was supposed to show the way has been hidden and in many cases extinguished. The salt has lost it's savor. We're not changing anything... except the church.  I was no surprised at all by the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage. We've lost our voice or silenced ourselves and let the world run full tilt the opposite way for decades now and it may very well be too late to turn this Nation around unless there is a traumatic event that happens that causes men and women to fall on their faces and cry out to God. That is exactly what I see happening. I believe that before this current President leaves office America is going to fall under the judgment of God and there will be events that happen in this Nation that will bring America to her collective knees. I'll write more about it later, but I God has told me that judgment is coming and it is going to come in three phases that will literally reshape our boundaries and strip America of her power. Look for that one in another entry sometime this next week. For now... the church in America needs to begin to pray and repent of her sins... not America's sin, the churches sin. For the church has failed to fulfill it's role in this land.

03 July, 2015

When Did American's Become So Whiny?

I don't know about anyone else, but I am tired of the whiny, cry baby antics of the left wing liberals in this country. They are "offended" at everything. Truthfully, they are not offended... they just want everyone to think like they do and silence anyone who does not. Just today in Oregon, the Klein family was ordered by the courts to pay $135,000 to a lesbian couple because they refused to make a wedding cake for them. The couple claims to have been emotionally scarred. Right. To make matters worse, the courts stripped the right to freedom of speech from this couple, telling them that they could no longer talk about this entire ordeal. Say what?  Is this Russia?  It gets better folks. This week TV Land removed the Dukes of Hazard from TV because apparently some people are "offended" that the Confederate Flag was painted on top of the General Lee. (Their car... for those who have lived in a hole.)  Now, this show has been on television for almost 40 years and no one has ever been offended... until the liberal crowd began their assault on our freedoms a couple of weeks ago and suddenly this flag, which has been around for more than 150 years, suddenly is so emotionally scarring that it must be destroyed and removed from out history. Suddenly the flag means racism. People who are ignorant of history are being told, and believe that the Civil War was fought because of slavery. (It wasn't... go get -yourself some edu-ma-cation liberals!) Walmart has removed the flags and any item that carried the flag from their stores... bowing down to the idiocy that is arising in America. It's getting to where all you have to do is say, "I'm offended" or "I'm emotionally scarred" and the lemming crowd jumps on your band wagon to silence anyone who disagrees.  Guess what America... I'M OFFENDED AT YOUR STUPIDITY! I'm offended at your bigotry. (Go look up the definition of bigotry and you'll be surprised to see that what the liberal crowd is doing right now is absolute bigotry!)

Let's go back to the right someone has not to serve someone else. Restaurants and stores have signs that read, "No Shirts, No Shoes, No Service".  That began with the hippy movement.  I don't see any lawsuits over this.  When I was younger and wore my hair long and often smelled like pot, I frequently was told in restaurants that they would not serve me. It did not emotionally scar me. I simply went to a place that did welcome me. But we have become a nation of pantywaisted, cry baby, sniveling, brainless people who are manipulated by a few for an agenda that most are clueless to. Let's go back to the Dukes of Hazard. No one, I repeat, NO ONE was ever offended until some left wing idiot told everyone to be offended and BOOM... an American icon has been removed from TV. People are STUPID. Yes, I said STUPID. They will blindly follow and be ordered around and the idiots think they are doing this in the name of freedom and liberty. How stupid can any one person be? You silence others, strip freedoms from millions and you wave the liberal banner of "freedom" proudly. You are some kind of special stupid!

America needs to put on her collective Big Boy pants and stop sucking on the bottle of Kool Aid and GROW UP! We've raised up a generation of mindless zombies who robotically march, riot, write letters, emails and place phone calls when the orders go out from their leaders. 

I have a novel idea...
If you all hate America so much, why don't you all move to Russia or Iran where they have a totalitarian system in place and see how well that works out for you. 
Don't let the door hit you on your backside as you leave.