17 July, 2015

I'll Share... You Do With It What You Want

For more than a week now, I've been debating as to whether or not to pass this along. I know some people are going to label me a quack (or worse) but that's OK. Up to now, I've only shared this with one person,  a good friend of mine, at dinner last Friday, and even he looked at me like I was pretty strange. But I've decided to share it... at least some of it. I may share more later, but only when I feel I can.

Last Monday, (July 6) I was praying and I had a vision, of sorts. It literally was like a video playing before me. I heard a voice say, "Judgment begins" and I saw the United States as if I were high in the air, looking down; almost like a satellite image. As I looked, I saw a bursting forth of water in the Pacific ocean off the west cost and a wall of water rose from the ocean and slammed the west coast of the United States  from Northern California  extending to parts of Canada. This wall of water was absolutely massive standing at least 100 feet high or more and it destroyed cities all along the coast leaving dead bodies everywhere. The numbers of dead was in the thousands or even tens of thousands. Then an earthquake hit the west coast and most of California was in ruins. Shortly after this, I saw another wave rise out of the Atlantic ocean and slam the east coast from New York to North Carolina This wave completely covered New York to Washington D.C area and left the entire area underwater. Those cities were now gone and you can only imagine the death and destruction.  After this wave was finished the east coast had a new definition with much of the coast destroyed. 

There is more, but that's all I am going to share at this point. I've often had dream and visions that were symbolic but I believe that this was and will be a literal happening. My friend asked me if I thought it was a nuclear attack. I honestly do not know what caused it. I only saw what I have described.

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