17 July, 2015

Enough With the Being Offended!

I probably don't have to tell any of you, but America has become a nation of pansies. Almost every day now, someone announces something new that we should all "be offended" at. One says the Confederate flag, another the United States flag. One says we should be offended because we use the words "under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance and another by the grave of a Confederate General. They want to tear down memorials that mark historical events, dig up the body of the General and move it so as to not offend anyone. Some are offended because someone wears a shirt with scripture on it and want those banned. They banned the wearing of shirts with the U.S. flag in one school in California. Some are offended because Donald Trump DARED to cite a proven fact about the crime rate of illegal immigrants and they demand an apology. (What? for stating a documented fact?) Some what all white people to apologize for being white. Don't laugh... it's true. In a college course my wife just completed they were told that if the teach in the inner city the first thing they should do was apologize to the students for being white. Straight up truth with my hand on the Bible!  It's really getting that crazy.

I want to know when people are going to get offended at stupid people? It think some people need to apologize for their waste of good air that could be used by a person with intelligence. When are people going to "get offended" at the Muslims? Why is it no one seems to be offended at the Hare Krishna's that congregate and dance and play music every single day in Central Park in New York and peddle their little flowers everywhere you look? When are people going to get offended at the New Black Panther Party? They scream racism at a flag (last time I checked, a flag did not have the ability to form thoughts or opinions and therefore could not itself be "racist") but they have absolutely no problem with the Black Panther's calling for the annihilation of all white people. They are offended at a monument depicting soldiers of the Confederacy, while they have no clue what the Civil War was actually fought over. And all the black men and women who stand on the side of the flag and preservation of these monuments are labeled "Uncle Tom's" for daring to not agree with their stupidity! I'm sick of it. Grow up people and if life in these United States offends you so much, please feel free to get your families together and get out of the United States as soon as possible! This is the "land of the free" where we don't have to live according to the whims of a few fascists! (For those who don't know the definition: "One who forcibly suppresses the views of others.")

A couple of days ago I was talking with one of those who felt like everyone was a racists (except herself, of course) and she told me that I did not understand because I was born into "white privilege".  I said, "Really? Can you tell me what ;white privilege' I've been given?  They told me that I could get a job because I was white that no black person could get. So I told them about the time when I literally camped out all night to be in line to apply for a job where they were building new lock and dams on the river. After being there all night and standing in that line all day, when I finally got inside and filled out an application, they put us in a room where we were told that because of affirmative action, there was a certain percentage mandated to be hired that were black men, so many black women, so many of Hispanic background, so many white women and on and on. When they were finished someone asked, "how many jobs are available for white men?" The man was hesitant to say, but finally admitted that less that 10% could legally be "white men." Even though I had several years experience doing the very work that they were hiring for, I could not be hired because I was a white male. How's that for "White Privilege"?  She told me that she did not believe me. So... it's okay that she call me a liar, and I'm NOT supposed to be offended by that? Go figure. 

I went on to tell her that I've never been given anything in my life by the government, paid for my own college education, and I resented the fact that people felt entitled to being taken care of on the dime of the taxes that I pay. She said, "It's because you are white and think you are superior!" Mind you, this woman was as white as a sheet herself. I mean, her skin tone was almost translucent. I told her that she could beat herself up all day for being white, but I refused to do so. I told her I did not feel "superior" to anyone, but that I was not about to apologize to anyone for the pigment of my skin. She again told me that I was a white bigot. So I asked her what would you say if I told her that my family was Cherokee Indian? I kid you not... her response was, "I'm offended that you would call a Native American by that racist name!"  I asked her, "Do you have Native American blood in you?" She replied that her family was Scandinavian. So I said, "But you have the audacity to tell me that YOU are offended because I call my own grandmother "Indian"?  She went off on a rant, telling me that I did not understand and calling me every name under the sun. 

If find that offensive! (tongue firmly planted in cheek)

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