06 March, 2015

It's All About Him

The "church" today is a far cry from what God intended for His church to be. The purpose of the church is supposed to be the embodied persona of Christ as the Holy Spirit works in and through our lives to reach the world with the gospel and build the Kingdom of God.  However, the church today has become more of a center where the people who make up the church hang out to build their own kingdom; a place where they feel good about themselves, bask in "worship"  in such a way that they "get a touch" and leave feeling a high from the worship. It's really not about giving glory to God as it is about the euphoric feeling they get in worship. In short, it's about the people "getting" rather than giving. Somewhere over the last few generations, church became more about "us" and "me" than it did about Him. We hear preachers and worship leaders promoting the notion of "getting high" on the Holy Ghost. They are actually promoting the idea that the purpose of the corporate church gathering is for the people to get all they can, take all they can and there is little talk or emphasis to giving ourselves as an act of worship to a Holy God. Don't misunderstand me; I'm not saying that that there is nothing for us in worship. Indeed, when we worship, we do receive blessings and being in God's presence is the most incredible thing a human can ever experience in this life. But it is not about us. It's not about what we get. It's what we give. It is about bestowing glory, honor and praise to the God of all creation. The issue that I am trying to address is that we must get the order right. It must be that God is the primary focus, the only focus. Only when we get a thorough understanding that God alone is primary and everything and everyone else comes well after that God will begin to truly move and pour out His Spirit in our lives. When we have that order right, according to His Word, we can ask anything in His Name and it will be done, because we are seeking His will and purpose, not our own. I believe that one of the reasons the church is lacking power and not seeing the miraculous on a regular basis is because we have made it about us, rather than Him. When we put God back in His rightful place, the power of God will begin to flow in and through the church as it did in the book of Acts and we will turn the world upside down for His glory. When the members of the Body of Christ begin to function as one with the mindset of John, that we "must decrease that He might increase", then there will be a world wide revival as the glory of God fills the World. 

Lord, awaken your church from the drunken stupor that she has been in with self-absorbed thinking and motives. Arise and shine in this world once again!

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