10 March, 2015

Friendship Goes Both Ways

I get amazed at how some people's thought process works. That statement is opening a can of worms that could leave me writing for a week, but for the sake of this blog entry, let me zero in on one thing that happened just today. I received a message from someone who wrote to give me a "heads up" that another friend was very upset that I had not called them for the past 2 months. I sat there thinking, "Really? Have they bothered to call me?" I did not even respond to that message, honestly, because it pretty well ticked me off. I mean, if you've not heard from a friend in a couple of months, shouldn't you reach out to your friend rather than run your mouth to someone else and talk smack about them? What kind of friend is that?  I'm pretty sure that my phone is not the only one invented that can dial out, so why not call me? No, you'd rather go talk about me than to reach out and talk to me. All I can say is "wow."  The whole thing is just mind blowing to me, but what really makes this whole situation crazy is that two months ago I had posted on three different occasions  on Facebook that my phone had lost all of my contacts and that I needed everyone to either text me or call me so that I had contact numbers again. Anyone who has not contact me, I don't have your phone number. Yet, somehow I am the bad guy because I've not called. Seriously? I'm wondering if you are really "a friend" after all. Just saying it the way it is. 

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