27 November, 2013

Good Music and a Memory

I love this rendition of Little Drummer Boy, and hope you will enjoy it too; but as I listened to it this morning I had a funny memory recollection. Many years ago, when my kids were pretty small, they had a "falling out" with a woman at our church who taught their children's church and she scolded them and kicked them out of kids church. This one particular day, she came to me VERY upset that my son and daughter had "talked back" to her and were disruptive. I asked just what had happened and she told me that my son, in particular, but my daughter as well had interrupted and corrected her several times during her lesson that day. She said she knew they were the pastor's kids, but they could not be so arrogant and disrespectful to her and act like they knew more than her. I called my children into the office and was going to have them apologize to her, but first I wanted to hear their side of the story. When I asked, Daniel said, "Dad, she was teaching today on the little drummer boy and I told her that it was not in the Bible and she told me I was wrong." Ashley stood there shaking her head in agreement. I turned to the teacher and I said, "you do realize that they are correct?" She said, "It is too in the Bible!" I asked her if she could show it to me, to which she replied that she had not looked it up but that she had been taught this and she knew it was in the Bible. I assured her that it was not, but she would not accept that. She stormed out of my office and never did apologize to my children.

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