26 November, 2013

Guilty As Charged

I've let this go long enough. I have said many, many times over the years, you can attack me all you want, but keep your hands off my family. Someone is not heeding those words. So, to that person and everyone she has run her mouth too, here is your response. 

It has been said to several people that my son is "an innocent little baby who cannot stand on his own two feet without mommy and daddy coming to his rescue." 

Let's clear the air. My son was caught in a situation at the church were someone physically grabbed him and would not let him go while they verbally assaulted him for taking pictures during a wedding. You say the person was very polite in talking to him, but several witnesses in the church have told me that he had every right to come unglued and give her a piece of his mind. (I will not put those witnesses on the spot, but should they choose to reveal themselves, that is totally up to them.)  Daniel is not only my son, he is a church member and a member of the Church and Pastors Council (a position that the church elected him to serve as). As a good member should do, he came to us, not only as his parents, but as his PASTOR and pastor's wife rather than let a issue get out of hand. That is the mature thing to do, yet you call him a child. I say, take a good look in the mirror. You and I discussed this and it was supposed to be "over", but I keep hearing from sources not only in my church, but in others as well, that you have told this story around again and again and contacted people on Facebook attacking not only my son, but myself and my church, ridiculing everything from the music to the people. Someone from another church in town stopped me in town last Friday and apologized for the attack we were facing and that they were praying for us. Enough is enough. 

But let's look at the charge of "innocent baby" you've made against my son:
If by "innocent" you mean that my son serves God... I'm glad to say he is guilty. 
If you mean that he has never slept around... I'm proud to say he is guilty. 
If you mean that he has never drank or done drugs or been to jail or prison for drugs or theft or anything else for that matter... THANK GOD he is guilty! 
If you mean that derogatory because he respects his mom and dad... guilty as charged. 
If you mean that he is innocent because rather than make a big scene in the church he went to the pastor to deal with a tough situation... yep, he's guilty.  
So, I thank you for recognizing his innocence. 
But "baby"? 
While he may always be our baby, I'm quite proud of the man he has become. Not only has he never been in trouble or caused us trouble, but he is faithful to God and faithful to his church. He holds down a very good job and has bought a nice car with his own money and credit that he has established for himself by being responsible. He is generous to a fault and is always giving of his time and money to help others. He just took the test and passed and now holds credentials as a minister in the Church of God. Not one time in his life have I had to go looking for him, wonder where he was or if he was dead, like other people have had to do with their children. Even in this particular situation when he would like to defend himself, he has submitted to me as his father and his pastor and let things ride.
That's quite a man, if you ask me.

Yeah, go on and tell your stories and attack him, us or the church all you want, but I stand proud of my son for his actions and integrity.

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