29 November, 2013

What's Wrong With This Picture?

I know that I am in the minority here, but I absolutely refuse to be a part of the "Black Friday" sales events... even more so now that they have started their sales on Thanksgiving day. I just have a real issue with the whole idea of leaving a gathering where we pause to give thanks to God for all that he has done in our lives, to go line up at a store where people will fight and hurt one another to get their hands on the TV, toy, or whatever it might be that they are going to save a few dollars on. I know... it might be a whole lot of dollars in some cases, but what kind of price can you put on the loss of civility that is frequently seen at these sales?
Isn't it ironic to think that people will give up family time on a special day like Thanksgiving, to buy themselves a TV, or maybe it's a gift for someone else... but in my mind, the greatest gift we can give a loved one is our time! I'd so much rather someone I love spend a few hours with me than I would for them to give me gift they purchased instead of spending quality time together? We've totally lost it in this nation! My daughter, Ashley, asked us tonight on the phone, "When did people get the idea that Christmas is about getting a bunch of presents?" She said the same thing, that she'd much rather someone spend their time with her rather than buy a gift. I thank God that this child of ours has her head screwed on straight!

But another thought hit me tonight as we were coming home from time with our family. We were driving through Peoria and I could see the massive crowds at a couple of the stores as we came through town. I got to thinking about how people will literally set up a tent and camp out in below freezing temperatures to be the first in line to buy a computer, a phone, TV, or whatever it may be... Tens of thousands of people across the United will stand in the cold, the rain or snow for 4 to 9 hours and not complain at all... just to get a deal. But then people will fuss because church lasted 90 minutes to 2 hours. Or better yet... most of those people simply "cannot" give up their sleep on Sunday morning to go to church. It's just too inconvenient. Hmmm...  Stand in line all night in the freezing cold to get a shot at a deal on a big screen TV... 90 minutes at church where there is worship and the living Word of God is proclaimed that will transform your life and prepare you for eternity?  I think our priorities in this Nation are pretty out of whack. 

You may disagree with me, but I see Black Friday as a snap shot of just how screwed up this world has become.

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Anonymous said...

Darrell, I completely agree. I'm sure all of us have seen the meme about spending time on Thanksgiving Day, being thankful for all we have, and then on Black Friday, willing to do whatever it takes - including spew out verbal venom and cuss words, and even engage in physical assault - to get the best deal at the lowest price.