25 September, 2013

Moron Training Camp Graduate

Yesterday I was at Menards and was in the express lane. The guy immediately in front of me was an employee trying to buy a soda and a candy bar to enjoy on his break. The guy in front of him must have just come from moron training camp. He had several pvc pipes, connectors, glue and a few small things. Point is, the express lane is for 6 items or less and he clearly had at least 15-20 items. No big deal, happens all the time. But he was just beginning. This was a business charge, so it took some time to do the paperwork. AFTER it was all done, he starts throwing a fit that they had overcharged him. The cashier looked at his receipt and quickly added in her head and said very politely, "Sir, it looks to be correct." He demanded she add it again, which she did. Then he demanded that she add it with a calculator. She did and he said, "see, it's not right." She said, "Sir, that's before tax." He demanded they do it again. So she did. He is still not satisfied and getting louder and louder. 

By this time there were at least 10 people in line behind me and the only other register open was backed up as well. Finally the manager comes over and he adds it up and tells him it is correct. The guy goes nuts and calls them all sorts of names demands they void out his sale and do it again. The manager asks him to calm down and come over to the service desk and they'd see if they can sort it out. He refused. About this time one man lays his bag of concrete down in the floor and walks out, calling this man a few choice names on his way past him. Then several more people walked out. The manager says, very politely, that if he does not calm down then they would be forced to call the police and asked him to step over to the service desk. At this point, he does, but not without screaming a few obscenities at the cashier. 

By this time, so much time has passed that the employee who was on break had to put his snack back and return to work. The cashier apologized to me and checked me out. As I was leaving I passed the service desk and this guy is still ranting that it cannot be that much and demands a refund. Now the kicker is that his total bill was $41.17. You'd think he was talking a fortune, and the bottom line is that buy the time they've added it up at least 5 times and voided the sale and rang it up again and each time came to the same total, you would think this guy would figure out he was wrong. Like I said, "Moron training camp graduate."

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Sammy Noodleman said...

I always wonder if the people with too many items in the lane can't read or can't count...