26 September, 2013

One of My Pet Peeves

I was in Menards again this morning and once again got my blood boiling. (Maybe I need to avoid Menards?) Actually it was nothing with the store, it was just an observation I made. There was some people in the store that I know that just ticked me off. I don't know these folks well, only through friends of friends. I do know that neither of these folks work and that they draw every type of government assistance available for themselves and for their kids. I've also had some clashes with them over the years because they hit up all the churches all of the time for "help" with cable bills, rent, food and so on. (Before you jump on me, hear me out.) This morning I watch them load not one but 3 of these life size, mechanical Halloween decorations into a cart, along with lights and various other decorations. I admit, my curiosity got the best of me, so I hung back for a few minutes and waited to check out until they were finished and I got in line behind them.  I was stunned when the cashier said that their total bill was more than $800 and the woman open her purse and counted out nine one hundred dollar bills. For Halloween decorations? And you are on government assistance?  There is just something wrong with this picture folks.

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Anonymous said...

Next time they want money, tell them to sell their Halloween decorations.