23 September, 2013

Stop Hitting On My Wife!

Last week I wrote a small bit about Pastor Green's sermon that he preached at the anniversary service for Pastor Jerry Cato. Another thing that Pastor Green said has run over and over in my mind ever since that message last week. He said that he get's really tired of people hitting on his wife. He went on to say that this one area that made him just fighting mad as everyone knows that hitting on another man's wife is simply not acceptable behavior. 
Then he threw the hook when he said, "As a Pastor, I am married to my church... and when other pastors and/or members started proselytizing his members, they were "hitting on his wife." He is exactly right. It makes me fighting made too. Further, I believe it grieves the heart of God. There are millions upon millions of unsaved and unchurched people all around, yet unscrupulous and carnal minded pastors and church members are too lazy to go out and win the lost... they'd rather steal sheep from other fold... and they have the nerve to think they are doing God's work. You are thieves and robbers, plain and simple, no matter how you justify it. You build a church that way, you will reap what you sow. Just keep that in mind when it comes home to roost.

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