25 August, 2013

Facebook Blackout

Today is the great Facebook blackout day where we were asked to deactivate our accounts for 24 hours. The reason is to protest how that Facebook has been targeting conservative groups and either deleting or blocking their posts. The hope is that if a million plus people delete their accounts on the same day, it will hit FB in the pocketbook concerning their advertisers. I've deactivated mine already. My guess is that there will be a large number who will, but by and large, I doubt that it will have a profound impact, simply because people are too addicted to Facebook or simply too lazy to give it up for a day. For heaven's sake, look at our nation for evidence. Conservatives have handed elections over to the liberals the last few go rounds because they simply did not show up to the polls. I'm hoping this has an impact, but I'm not holding my breath. Personally, I'm thinking of taking my time over to Google + because I'm simply tired of Facebook's antics.

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