23 July, 2013

Keep Your Spiritual Eyes and Ears Open!

Last night I went to bed early (by my standards) and went to sleep pretty quickly. I think my body is still on East coast time schedule. I'd only been in bed about 90 minutes when I woke up, suddenly wide awake and alert. I know by now when I wake up like that, God usually has some things to share with me and last night was certainly no exception. As I began to pray and to listen, God was speaking very clearly to me. I know, some get uptight when I say things like that, but once again, let me say that it is God's desire to speak with all of us, if we will simply tune in and listen. Why the middle of the night? Most likely because that's the easiest time to grab my undivided attention. That's just me. He can and does speak at anytime he chooses. God does not slumber nor sleep.

Anyway... I really don't feel like I am at liberty to go into detail about the things God is speaking just now, but I did want to write to tell others to keep your spiritual eyes open and ears in tune over the remainder of 2013. Major, and I mean MAJOR events are getting ready to take place that will not only rock the USA, it will have a world wide impact across all sectors of society. Things are going to begin to look better for a season and then there will be what I call a "suddenly event" that will begin to change things rapidly. These things in 2013 will only be the beginning, but God is speaking to His church now to ready us. What is coming will cause hundreds of thousands of people to turn back to God and the church. If we are not ready, we will miss the season of harvest and discipleship once again. 

I'll share more when I feel a release in my spirit. But I'm telling the churches, GET READY! I'm telling the families and individuals, prepare yourselves and free yourselves from government dependence or destruction awaits you.

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This is fantastic!