17 July, 2013

He HAD to Tell Someone!

Our family was sitting out on the patio here in Florida just chilling for a bit, when just a few minutes ago a man and his children were walking by and the little boy, probably no more than 3 or so stopped to tell us about his snow cone and how good it was and how that we could go across the street to get one and how much we'd like it. It was just as cute as could be. After they walked on, my wife commented about how excited he was about his snow cone, and I said to her that this is exactly what I've been telling the people of our church that when THEY got excited about serving Jesus and the church, then they'd begin telling others about Harvest Church too... even people they did not know. This little boy was so excited and so enjoying his snow cone that he had to tell someone and we were there and available, so he told us. That's what we do when we are excited or like something. If you know me, you know that I'm really a very shy person, but even I have struck up conversations with total strangers to tell them about a product or a restaurant... or to warn them about bad ones. So... why are we not telling people about the Lord, or about church? Quite simply... we've lot our passion. We are no longer excited. Lord, light the fire again in our (my) hearts!

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