25 July, 2013

I Do NOT Hate President Obama

A little while ago I received a private message on Facebook from someone who lives in my town just ripping into me and accusing me of being a hypocrite because as she put it, "you hate President Obama and wish him harm or even death." I want to be absolutely clear to this young lady as well as to anyone and everyone who reads me either here on my blog or on Facebook. If I did feel like you are accusing me, then I would in fact be a hypocrite and absolutely un-Christ-like. But your assumptions and accusations are WAY off base. I do NOT hate President Obama, and most certainly, I do not wish him any harm! 

Let me be absolutely clear: I am absolutely in opposition to much of what President Obama wishes for this great nation of ours. I'm opposed to socialism. I'm opposed to the skyrocketing national debt. I am opposed to his spying on American citizens. I am opposed to his use of drones to kill hundreds of innocent people. I am opposed to the abuses his administration have perpetrated upon the people of this nation through the IRS and other agencies. I am opposed to his attempts to rip the 2nd Amendment from our Constitution. I could go on here for a long time listing the things I am opposed to, but suffice it to say that I am diametrically opposed to the majority of the things that he stands for and wants to cram down our throats, (including the Affordable Care Act aka: Obamacare.) but my opposition to the  policies of the man does not mean that I "hate the man." As far as wishing him harm... I simply don't even know where you come up with that lame brained accusation! In reality, I pray for our President every day. I pray that God speaks to him and that he might listen. I pray that godly advisers rise up around him and give him godly counsel. I pray for his safety. I pray that in the remainder of his term in office that the ship would be righted and this nation begin to thrive again. But I also pray for truth to come out. I pray that the darkness be uncovered and the light of truth expose the corruption and abuses that have been wrought by this administration. I have no idea if he is directly responsible for things concerning Benghazi or the IRS or the wire tapping (and so on) but I pray that who ever IS responsible be exposed and dealt with accordingly.

Absolutely...  I do not like the things President Obama stands for politically and I have been and WILL continue to speak out about them, but for you or anyone else to make the accusations you've leveled at me are ludicrous and I suspect reveals more about your own heart than it does mine.

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