26 July, 2013

I Contend that the Political Party Means Little

I was chatting online with someone this morning and they made the accusation that I was so died in the wool Republican that it did not matter what they said, I backed it. I very quickly showed numerous places where that accusation was wrong and in fact the person had to admit to me that they were probably more inclined the Democrats based on party affiliation that I am prone to back the Republicans. As I said to this person, the fact is that most people are prone to follow party lines than they are to think for themselves and actually pay attention to the issues. This person also lives in Illinois, and I told him that if we look at the political leadership of our own state over the past few decades there is a glaring consistency among those elected to the office of Governor. Look at the ties to Chicago. It really does not matter if there is a D or an R next to their name, the actions and attitudes were the same. And of course, if you look at our impressive record of Governors who went to prison, you'll note the same Chicago connection. Go to another State, New Jersey and look at their sitting Governor, Chris Christie. I guarantee you that if you looked only at his record you'd never be able to figure out that he is a Republican. I could go on looking at numerous politicians, but the point is simply that the R or D next to their name means little to nothing anymore. It is simply a means to an end to them and they will say or do anything to get elected. This is why I so adamantly try to convince everyone I know to lay down their political affiliation when it comes time to vote and instead actually listen to what people are saying... and more importantly to investigate their records to see if their actions back up what they are saying, and vote based on that knowledge. Take the case of our sitting POTUS. I've followed Obama's rapid rise to power since 2004 and I have to say that I find myself dumbfounded at how this guy who has done absolutely nothing in his career made such a rapid rise from obscurity to the most powerful man in the world. I predicted in 2006 he would be the Democrat nominee and that he would be the next POTUS, long before most people ever heard of him.(See that prediction here)  What most Americans can't seem to figure out is that the media is and has been telling us who to vote for and like lemmings, America has followed the media, and I mean from both sides of the political spectrum.  If we ever want to see America become great again, it is going to take people actually getting involved and THINKING instead of letting the media control us. Problem is, America has become so lazy, I don't think it will ever happen, and in my humble opinion, this nation is on her last legs.

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