10 November, 2012

Selfishness In Action

Those who sit under my ministry have heard me say this many times over the years; "All sin begins with self."  "I" is in the center of sIn.  It is when "I" wants something, that we steal, kill, covet and so on. It is when we prefer others over ourselves; when we can deny ourselves and carry our cross, that we begin to understand what it means to serve Christ and by serving Christ, serve others. "I" must decrease, that he might increase. I have become amazed and appalled at how self centered our society has become. Watch people. The notion of courtesy is all but gone in our world. In the store, people will fight, and literally kill to get the toy or game  they want at Christmas time. And it's not that they so much want their kid to have it as it is that they wanted to be the one to give the gift. Drive down the road and you will see people cut others off, run them off the road and even cause accidents, because they want to go first. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

When I saw this video, I sat and shook my head. I've experienced this myself this week. I've been told that this election was about women's rights by at least 5 young women, all under the age of 23. One of these young ladies has been a friend, for several years but she lashed out at me in a tirade this week calling me every name imaginable and told me that she'd never speak to me again, because I voted for Romney. I asked her why she would end a friendship over an election, and she told me that I was stripping away her right to make decisions for her body or for anyone who loves each other to be married. I asked her about the babies rights, and I received a thorough lesson in how to use obscene language. Boils down to self. "I want the right to an abortion, and I don't care about how anyone else is affected." No, I'm not saying that everyone who voted for Obama sinned. What I'm saying is that for far too many people, the election was about self rather than concern for the nation as a whole.

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