12 November, 2012

It's Going to be One of THOSE Winters

It's official... Winter weather is coming upon the Burg. No, we did not get that much snow... that's a picture from several years ago.  But I used this picture so that you can see the tree. That huge tree that is dwarfing our house is a European Beach tree. It comes from a very cold climate region in Europe and it has a very unusual characteristic. When all of the other trees have long since lost their leaves this one will usually hold onto it's leaves, and they turn a deep purple color. It usually does not drop it's leaves until mid December when it becomes very cold. There have been a couple of times it did not drop them until mid January, and even one year where it never lost them at all.  But that is not the really unusual part. What's really strange about this tree is that whenever it does decide to lose it's leaves, it will literally drop all of them in one day. It's the strangest thing you've ever seen. They fall so rapidly it looks like it is snowing leaves. 

This year it is doing something that I HATE seeing it do. The leaves have not really even changed colors yet. They are still a golden color with a lot of green leaves still remaining, but about an hour ago, it started shedding it's leaves. This means only one thing... COLD weather is upon us. Brace yourselves Galesburg. When this tree does this, this early, it means we are in for a long cold winter. (I know, I'm full of good news today, huh?)

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