03 August, 2012

Got What He Deserved

I just saw where Adam Smith, the jerk who made the video of himself driving through Chick-fil-a  and ordering a free water, just so he could verbally harass the young girl that works there, lost his job for his actions. In my opinion, this had nothing to do with which side of the marriage debate you come down on, but was about behaving with decency. I've already read many people who are attacking Vante, the company which Smith had worked at, claiming they were being bigoted or guilty of suppressing free speech. I'm sorry, but free speech does not give anyone the right to verbally assault another person. Some people need to bone up on just what our rights are. Anytime your "rights" cross over to hurting someone else, you've crossed the line. I hate hearing that anyone lost their job, especially in this economy. But this guy deserved what he got.

If you've not seen the video, here is what he did that cost him his job.

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