30 July, 2012

Sometimes We Just Hold On

Face it, sometimes life is just hard. Today has been one of those days. I've fought with a sensational headache all day long, and those can be bad enough all by themselves. But then it has been like blow after blow after blow all day long, one phone call or text after another with a little bit more bad news each time. I get a call that my big brother is in the hospital and is not in good shape (thankfully he is improving this evening) then a message that a friends mom died, someone bounced a check to me for $150 and I'm most like going to have to press charges the way it sounds. Not to mention the affairs of just being a pastor... and I find myself thinking, "is this day about over?"

I'm really not meaning to sound all whiny... I'm trying to make a point. Sometimes life just gets rough. It happens with all of us, and the point that I am trying to make is that when life does get difficult, stressful and rough... rather than give in to self pity and throwing in the towel, we need to learn to recognize that what we are going through is a temporary thing, it will end, and life will get better. When we become short sighted and focus on the storm we are in today, we will be tempted to sit down and quit. The thing is... if you quit in that mess, guess where you will stay? In that mess! So sometimes we need to bull our necks, hunker down, hold and and press forward. It will get better!

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