06 August, 2012

Battle Lines Are Being Drawn

For those who don't know, I have a business set up where I perform wedding ceremonies. I have advertisements set up and receive calls from as far away as Saint Louis with requests to marry people. I've had a couple  of requests to do same sex weddings in the past, and once was threatened with a lawsuit because I would not agree to do the wedding. I simply told the person to go ahead and file the lawsuit if that helped her to feel better, but that it was not going to change my stand. Well, earlier today I received an email from someone wanting me to perform the wedding ceremony in Iowa. Immediately, I felt a check in my spirit about this one, and I simply did not respond. A little while later, I received another email, and then another. The last one gave the date of the wedding, and as it turns out, I was already scheduled that day for a photo shoot. The date of the wedding was very short notice, so I thought that just perhaps they desperately needed an officiant for their wedding, and I wanted to let them know that I was unavailable do to a previous booking. Then another email came to me and wanted to know what it would cost for me to rearrange my schedule so that I could do this wedding.  OK... red lights are flashing and sirens blowing in my mind now. I had a strong suspicion as to what was going on. I simply responded and told them that my integrity would simply not allow me to do something as unethical as to cancel on one person to make a quick buck. Another email followed asking me if I'd reconsider for $600. I replied that I would not. Then the offer went to $700... then $800, finally $1000.  By this point, I responded that I would not cancel for any amount of money, but then asked if this would by any chance be a same sex marriage. The reply came back simply saying, "Would it make a difference?" I responded to that by saying that it would not for this date because I had already explained that I was already booked for that date, but that I do not participate in officiating same sex weddings, EVER.
Then, it began.

I started getting bombarded with emails from several different people, calling me names, launching insults and vowing to destroy me for my stand "against against civil rights."  I simply refused to answer any of them and finally started blocking email addresses. Then my phone started ringing and I was called anything and everything... except a good man. I had comment posted on my website about what a bigot I am, how homophobic I am and threatening me with lawsuits and wishing my death. I had told my wife months ago to be prepared, because I fully believed that one day we would be drug into court facing a law suit over the homosexual agenda. I don't know if this one will be it for me or not, but it's coming. The battle lines are being drawn and the war is on the horizon.
The thing that bothers me is that they scream bigotry and intolerance at people like me, but they cannot see how bigoted and intolerant they are being. If I don't agree with them, then I am intolerant of others. That's a two way street folks.

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Jim Martin said...

To the liberal mindset, disagreeing with them and standing by your own principals is equal to hatred it it is not the same as their.

So exactly who is the hate group>