09 April, 2012


I had one of those moments today that is words cannot adequately describe. I ran into someone who had gotten upset and left the church a few years back. We had a pretty pleasant conversation, and I invited him to come back out to the church. He told me that he'd like to but that his kids had been pretty upset and that they'd never want to go back there. I just left it at that and we went on talking as we walked down the street. Just a few minutes later, a city bus pulled up just down the block from us, and who should get off but his kids. When they saw me they came running down the street, very excited to see me and screaming, "Pastor D! Pastor D!"  We exchanged hugs and one of the kids said, "Hey dad, why don't we start going back to Harvest Church again?"  I'd have given anything to have had a video camera of the moment. The man's face was priceless.

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