12 April, 2012

A Ticking Timebomb

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past 45 days, you've heard about the Trayvon Martin case in Florida. Yesterday, George Zimmerman was arrested and charged with Second Degree Murder. Many people are rejoicing with the news of his arrest, but many are not satisfied with this... they want, what they term, "justice."  The problem is, most of these folks are not interested in justice, for they will only be satisfied if George Zimmerman goes to prison, and for a long time. Any thing less than that, and I predict that there will be rioting on such a level that the LA riots following the verdict for the cops in the Rodney King beating will pale in comparison. If Zimmerman is not given a long prison sentence, there will be rioting all across the United States. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think so. We've already seen stores vandalized and looted, and various random attacks on innocent victims, done by thugs who justified their actions to "stand up for Trayvon."  I'm sorry, but people can be such idiots, and if the verdict and sentencing for Zimmerman is not exactly what many people want, there is going to be an explosion. It is, I fear, a ticking time bomb.

In reality, unless there is some evidence that we, the public, have not seen (and that is entirely possible) then there is a great chance that George Zimmerman will be acquitted of these charges.Unless there is this new evidence, there is a very good chance that a judge could rule in pretrial that there is not sufficient evidence to send this case to trial. Should that happen, and Zimmerman's father is a retired judge... there will be accusations made of cover up and political favor... and if that happens, the explosion would be huge. I can only base my opinion on the evidence that we have been allowed to see, and based on that evidence, there is absolutely no way a conviction can come from this case. I know many will immediately label me a racist when they read my opinion, (many already have) but we must push aside our emotions in this and look at the evidence and the rule of law, which means that the prosecution must prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Zimmerman did not react in self defense and that he did not feel he was facing immediate threat of harm. For goodness sake, he was laying on the ground, being beaten and his head banged off the ground. Case closed. The reality is, all of the events leading up to that moment do not really matter in the court of law. The question is not, "did Zimmerman do something foolish" in following Trayvon. Foolish... yes, illegal... no.  All the defense has to prove to acquit Zimmerman is that he was attacked and his life was in jeopardy... and the verdict is "innocent."  Yep, there is a time bomb ticking. Unless there is evidence that they have not released to the public, then these charges will not stand up and will either be dismissed, or there will be a verdict of "not guilty" and then... get ready for rioting such as we have not seen since the 60's and early 70's. Again, unless there is more evidence, these charges should not have even been made. Maybe they do have that evidence. Let's hope they do. For if they don't, and justice is served, Zimmerman will be set free and America will be held in the grips of terror.

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