25 March, 2012

You ARE My Concern... And I Am Yours

You may have convinced yourself that your actions and decisions are nobody else's business or concern, but when you are a part of the Body of Christ, you are sadly mistaken. Your actions, your decisions do affect others, and it is is the concern of your brothers and sisters in Christ. What you do impacts me and vice versa 

What you do, or do not do... your decisions not only are hurting you... but it hurts us all. We are all the Body of Christ, we are the only Jesus this world will ever see, and the life you live either brings glory to God or harm to the Body!

It's just like in the natural body. 
If I drop something on my foot and break it... my back may not have been involved and may not directly feel the pain when I smash my foot... but it is only a matter of time before my back is affected by what has happened with my foot.  My back may not fully know exactly WHAT is wrong, it just knows that something is wrong, and it affects the way it operates. and it effects the way the back performs.

When you live in a way that brings reproach upon your life, you bring it upon the Body of Christ. Your "secret sins" that you think you are hiding are seen by those around you and that little something that you think is hidden affects the whole body of Christ. You may be able to hide away to conceal your affair, your drinking, your smoking or what ever it may be... but be sure your sins will find you out... and the world will not only judge you, they will pass that judgment on to your church and the Body of Christ as a whole.

If you don’t believe that that just look at the Catholic Church. It is not my intent to bash the Catholic church, but rather  I am only using the example..., because of a few doing something they had no business doing, the entire Church has fallen under criticism and judgment. And while this was something that took place in the Catholic Church, the whole body of Christ has been affected by it.

Because we are one Body... and what you do affects me and affects the Name of the Lord's Church. It's not just about you.
We are in this together.
Ever wonder why your friends, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend don't want a part of your church or your God? It could be that you are giving them a pretty poor picture of what the church is... because YOU are the church!

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