27 March, 2012

Why Is The Grass Always Greener On the Other Side of the Fence?

It is an age old dilemma for so many people... It just seems the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Ever wonder why that is... or at least why it seems that way? Sometimes, it is a fact that the grass really is greener over there... but that is usually because someone has put the work into that yard that you are not willing to put into your own yard. Rather than put in the hard work that is necessary to achieve what you are seeing over there, you simply want the reward without the work. Guess what? If you go over there and enjoy their grass... it won't be long that you'll be spying out yet another yard that has something you envy even more. The secret is, stay where you are, put in the work... sow the seed and cultivate the yard you really desire right where you are. That is the only way you will ever find what it is you are looking for. You see, the thing is, grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence because that is the grass you don't have... and some people are never satisfied... always straining their neck to see what others have... because they are miserable in and of themselves, so they are looking for someone or something else to bring fulfillment in their life. The old saying  points out that within a persons own mindset they always think that what someone else has is better than what they have. They have never found contentment, precisely because they are searching for that contentment externally, when it must, in fact, come from within. This is why some people are continuously on a pendulum swaying back and forth between being committed to stay and then looking for someplace to go. This why a man bounces from relationship to relationship, because he cannot make a full commitment, even though a part of him wants to, because he is always looking to the others side of the fence, just in case something better comes along. This is why some pastors cannot stay in a church as a pastor for more than 2 years, because rather than tend to his own pasture and it's needs, he is always keeping his options open and looking for the next place of "advancement".  He will never find fulfillment if he keeps that up. This is why church members jump from church to church to church every couple of years, because they are always looking for something... rather than committing to building something.  It is like a pasture full of sheep, and while most of the flock is at ease and eating in the pasture, there is always one sheep who will nibble a bit, then raise up and look around. Always on the lookout for some better grass. They can talk about commitment all they want to, in their heart, they are never committed because they cannot stop looking for some greener grass. They will never become what they are supposed to become because they will not stop looking over at the next pasture. Wandering eyes lead to wandering hearts.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

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