17 May, 2010

Health Care: So, Where's the Reform?

We (as a nation) have heard the rhetoric, the bait was taken and now the health care bill is law. Many want the law repealed, but those who supported and those who pushed for this "reform" continue to say, "give it a chance." I have family members who were and are strong proponents of this law, believing that it would help them out by cutting their high health insurance costs. They happen to be in a high risk category and the cost of insurance is extremely high. I can see where their hopeful expectations were coming from, but I still never supported this law. Now the information is beginning to trickle out about this "NEW, IMPROVED" health care we are supposed to get here in America.... and guess what? Those who are high risk, paying higher premiums because they are high risk... they will still be classified as high risk and still be paying those higher premiums! I am SO surprised by this information! (read the sarcasm folks)

There is an AP news story that came out of Chicago this weekend that speaks to this (story linked at end of this blog) and basically here is the gist of what is happening. If you already have insurance and are paying those high costs, you must continue to pay them. For those who have no insurance and have not had any insurance for at least 6 months, they will be eligible later this summer to apply for a new pool of high risk insurance that will be substantially lower priced and subsidized by Federal dollars. But again, it is only for those who have not had insurance. Those who do have it... you're just out of luck. One of those who supported Obama's health care promises is quoted in the AP article and she feels she has been treated unfairly. "Julie Kramer, 53, is feeling a bit cheated. She’s paid high premiums — about $700 a month — for nearly seven years into Illinois’ high-risk pool.

“It feels very unfair. It goes against the spirit of what health care reform was supposed to be,” said Kramer, a self-employed writer and owner of Full Moon Marketing Communications in Vernon Hills. “This does seem like a low blow.”

President Obama and the law makers lied to those of you who supported this sweeping change... and you bought it hook line and sinker. You have nothing coming... and you never did.

Time to repeal this piece of trash law!

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Anonymous said...

AMEN! This is EXACTLY how the state insurance in IL works! I am NOT surprised! My income was low enough to qualify for state insurance for my kids and get a free school physical and vaccinations but because we had insurance, I didn't qualify. My insurance was a catastrophic policy only and the deductible was $5000 per person. So I had to pay for everything out of pocket! If I had had NO insurance, I would have gotten all of it for free!