19 May, 2010

What If I Stumble?

It's a question those of us who are called "Christians" must confront and deal with in our lives. Then again, I don't think some ever really consider it. The news today was filled with the terrible story of Indiana Representative Mark Souder resigning after it was revealed he had been in an extra-marital affair. That's bad enough, but this man identifies himself as a Christian and has fought for Christian values. The "anti-Christian" folks are having a hay day with this. Every time a Christian fails or falls, it is blown up bigger than life for all the world to see and mock. That's the way that Satan works. You seldom see a good story in the media about what Christian's are doing. In fact, just today on the news they did a story about how FEMA refused to shoot video in Mississippi last month of a faith based group cleaning up after a tornado, unless they took off their shirts that identified them as working with the Salvation Army. The group agreed and the shirts they had under them were shirts from their church. They made them change them again. They did not want to show anything promoting a faith based group. The media and even the government is doing all it can to paint Christians in a negative light and refuse to show anything positive. But let a Christian stumble or fall, and it is huge! We have to safeguard ourselves and strive for excellence in our walk with God. Integrity is more important within the Body of Christ now than ever before, because our failures will be magnified.

I was reminded of this song earlier today while thinking about all this and preparing for my Bible Study on Walking the Walk We Talk.
It's from years ago, but still a great song.

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