15 May, 2010

Where Do I Sign Up For This Job?

Everyone knows that the education system in Illinois is in dire straights. Teachers jobs are being cut in districts across the state. I understand that many other states are in the same kind of mess. I just read on the Fox News site that the United States Education Department is asking for "another" 23 billion dollars to help save jobs. I emphasize "another" because I guess I was not paying attention, because in the so called stimulus bill last year, they gave the education department (get this) $100 Billion dollars. They are actually boasting that the stimulus money saved "roughly" 300,000 jobs.

OK... I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but as soon as I saw those numbers, red flags jumped out at me, alarms started going off in my brain... something was not right here. So, I pulled up my trusty calculator on my computer to make sure my muddled brain was doing the math correctly, and sure enough, if they saved 300,000 jobs with $100 billion, then that means each job is worth $333,333 dollars!
It gets worse.

The Education Depart is asking for $26 Billion now and say they can save 300,0000 jobs. Now wait a minute. Last year it took $100 Billion to save 300,000 jobs but this year they can save the same number of jobs for roughly one fourth the amount of money? So where did the other $74 Billion go last year? Me thinks I smell a rat! Someone is skimming off huge a huge pay day. This stimulus fraud that was played on the American people has been one of the greatest rip offs in history. Meanwhile, teachers by the thousands are losing their jobs. Something is BAD wrong with this picture.

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