24 November, 2009

Remember Billy?

Some of you readers who have been with me might remember the story I wrote 3 years ago about a little boy named Billy, whom I met at Innkeepers coffee house. I don't think I explained in that story that Billy and his mom did not live in Galesburg but were in town to take care of some business. Anyway, this morning I received a phone call from Billy's mom. They were coming through town and Billy remembered me and wanted to see his friend. I was supposed to be going to the Quad Cities to take care of some business, but no way, no how was I passing up this opportunity. We met at Micky D's on Henderson and had a late breakfast together. I was really stunned at how much my little friend had grown in 3 years! We only had about 35 minutes and then his mother explained that they had to be on their way because of an appointment in town. It was really one of the coolest mornings I've had in quite some time. His mother told me that Billy has never forgotten that day we met and his friend, "Pastor D" and that when he heard they were going to Galesburg he would not stop with his insistence that they call me. I'm so glad they did!

If you've never read the first encounter with my buddy Billy, or maybe you just need to be reminded, here is a link to that entry. http://thedawghowse.blogspot.com/2006/11/take-time-to-be-friend.html

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