27 November, 2009

Looking For the Other Shoe to Drop?

Earlier this week I was having a conversation with an old friend who I had not spoken to in quite some time and she was relating how well things were going in her life, how blessed she was and the happiness that she had found. But then she said something that has had me thinking ever since then. She commented that the last couple of years had been so good that she was just waiting for the shoe to drop. She said that she figured no one could continue to be blessed like she had been experiencing without expecting that sooner or later the table had to turn and she would have to face a time of suffering and lack. She said, "there is no way God would continue to bless a person all the time without making them pay for it; right?" She referenced the whole Yin/Yang thing and how everything balances out because of opposing forces.

I was kind of taken back at that moment, but after a bit I told her that I believe that the Word of God is true and Jesus meant it when he said he came to give us live more abundantly. I believe you can walk in blessing continuously... IF we walk in obedience to that Word. No, I don't think we should be waiting for the shoe to drop, for if we do, we basically are closing the door on faith.

Just a thought...
I'll develop this more later.

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