24 November, 2009

Are You Up to the Challenge?

This past Sunday I preached a message about living life with a thankful spirit as opposed to becoming thankful at one time of the year. In the message I offered the challenge to my church and I wanted to throw it out there for others to accept or decline. The challenge is simple. During the final 5 weeks of this year, we will endevor not to complain, but rather, everytime we feel like complaining, turn it to praise.
I believe that if we can fulfill this challenge, it will change our lives forever.

I've been excited to see on Facebook and to hear in person people talking about how it is going not complaining. My daughter told me that by not complaining yesterday, she realized 1) how much she complained, and 2) that everyone around her was constantly complaining, griping and grumbling. She told me that it made her want to change even more. That's cool!

How about you? You up to the challenge?

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