08 September, 2009

What In the World Is Going On? David Jeremiah

Dr. David Jeremiah writes an excellent explanation of the origin and relevant beginnings and goals of the Islamic religion which is important to understand if we are to understand end time prophecy. In view of the current economic and political mess we are facing, the author examines the Biblical prophecies concerning the times in which we live. He tells the reader how to see these events as well as how to respond as we approach the end times foretold in the Bible. So often it is difficult at best and very confusing for us to put the peices of the puzzle together because there have been thousands of books and articles written on this subject, each giving us their opinion. David Jeremiah's book cuts to the heart of the matter and rather than looking at the dozens of end time theories, he focuses in and takes a look at what he identifies as the 10 most important biblical prophecies concerning the end times. While some writers and theories instill fear in the reader when looking at end time events, Dr. Jeremiah's goal seems to be to help the reader find peace and comfort in these turbulant times. He reminds us that ultimately, God is in control. If you are one who has found the end time prophecies confusing and mysterious, I encourage you to read this book as Dr. Jeremiah will help you unlock the mystery.

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