08 September, 2009

Fearless: Imagine Your LIfe Without Fear by Max Lucado

I've just finished reading Max Lucado's latest book, "Fearless" and have to give this book high recommendations. In my humble opinion, this is Lucado's finest work in many years. The timing of "Fearless" is right on the mark as we live in a world in which we are confronted with threats of terrorist attacks, a tanking economy complete with failing banks, government takeovers and bailouts, and the uncertainty of whether our jobs will be there tomorrow. Fear grips our nation... even the world. In "Fearless" Lucado challenges us to "Imagine your life without fear" and points us toward the key to unlocking the chained of fear that have bound us.

I particularly liked the way that Lucado addressed a number of fears that are common to so many people and shows the reader how Jesus addressed each of these fears in God's Word, pointing us to replace fear with faith. He challenges the reader to make faith their instant reaction to threats, rather than fear.

Excellent read... excellent tool! Get this book!

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Libby said...

Can't wait to read it!