30 March, 2009

The Dawg Recommends...

If you live in the 'Burg area, you have got to take the Dawg at his word and take the short drive out to Abingdon and try LaRoma's Pizza. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. If you are the type who thinks Pizza Hut is good stuff... go out and find out what a real pizza is supposed to taste! And if you are adventurous and what to try something spectacular, try the bruschetta pizza! It is to die for. While you are at it, get to know the owners, pictured above from left to right: Caterina, Gianni and Vincenzo (Vinny) Vitale. They are some really great folks with whom we are fastly becoming friends. LaRoma's is tucked away in the old downtown area of Abingdon at 207 S. Main. When you go, tell them that Pastor Garrett sent you to try their pies.

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