07 April, 2009

Trapped Inside Myspace

For those who do not know, I have been pretty sick the past week, fighting pneumonia and then being taken twice to the ER and then admitted for kidney stones on Thursday night. Sunday I had surgery to remove a stone that that was embedded in the wall of my bladder. I was having a lot of complications with the morphine that I was on, with a lot of nausea, pain and so on. I literally was so out of it for two days that I really did not know what city I was in. I was sooo confused and disoreinted. When they took me down for surgery on Sunday, I was really pretty afraid. I told Libby that I was, but I did not tell her why. I was just so disoriented and confused that I was not comprehending what was happening.

In the O.R. they began giving me the sedatives and immediately I began hallucinating. As they went through the surgery and during the time in recovery, I was hallucinating to the point that I literally was INSIDE, of Myspace. I had this little cubicle and people where sending me messages, and graphics and so on, but it was not just to my Myspace... it was to me. I WAS in the stupid thing! I wish words could relay this more, but I was freaking out, and as I began coming to, I really struggled at what was a hallucination and what was reality. I haven't had a trip like that in almost 29 years... and I don't want another one soon!

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