27 August, 2008

McCain Ads

I have to say that whoever is in charge of putting together the ads McCain is running is earning his money. These ads are powerful and SHOULD make even the most liberal of liberals stop and think twice before pulling the lever for Obama.


Anonymous said...

"LIBERALS ARE NOT EVIL" - we are PROUD AMERICANS just like you! You need to search your heart and vote for the next President who will show love and kindness to the people they serve. Remember all those people sitting on the roofs after Katrina? How Christian was that? WAKE UP AMERICA - it is time for a CHANGE! We need a leader like Lincoln in these times!

Darrell said...

To the anonymous poster:
I'd challenge you to lay down the Democratic play book and ask you to actually think for yourself.
Do you really believe that Bush or the Republican party could have done something about Katrina? The facts are (and you fail to realize) that it is the local and state government's job to deal with this type thing, and they (who happened to be Democrats) failed miserably. They had warning, they had time to act, and they chose to do nothing. Again and again, they failed. Ironically, in recent weeks we here in the midwest have had the worst flooding on record for this region with many of these places still under water, yet the media abandoned us because you hear no screaming out and pointing fingers at the government. No, mid-westerners roll up their sleeves and go to work to help their neighbors. I challenge you to answer me these questions: WHAT is Obama going to change and HOW is he going to do it. READ his own website and I can tell you what he will change. He will strip people like me and you of our freedoms by telling us who will handle our healthcare, when and where our kids will go to school, who can teach them, what they will teach. He will strip me of my own money by raising my taxes and re-distributing the wealth. He will change my rights and liberty as an American by handing our sovereignty over to the UN. THIS IS NOT THE KIND OF CHANGE WE NEED IN AMERICA! Stop drinking the Kool-aid and try thinking for yourself and you will see that Barak Obama, if elected, will destroy the very fabric of America.