29 August, 2008

Will it be Sarah Palin?

We'll find out soon, but there is a lot of speculation that Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska could be John McCain's pick for VP. Personally, I'd have loved to see Mike Huckabee, but knowing that he was not going to be considered, I've thought for some time that Palin would be a great pick by McCain. Check out her credentials, her stand for conservative values, her strong pro-life stand, and I think you have a good choice. Add to this the obvious fact that she is a woman, and votes pour in from the Democratic side for this reason alone.

Honestly, 6 months ago I had never heard of her. One of my good friends pointed her out to me about 5 months ago and he and I have been kicking this back and forth for a couple of months now. I don't know if she is the pick, but I do believe she'd be a very smart choice. Give it a couple of hours and we will all know.


Sarah said...

I could not be more excited over Sarah Palin as the VP pick. I'm nearly jumping out of my skin today!

Gov. Palin is the perfect conservative pick. I don't care what sports reference one uses, slam dunk, grand slam, knock out, they all apply.

Anonymous said...

There goes the "experience" argument.

Darrell said...

Not at all. First of all, we are talking VP vs President. Second, our VP has far more executive experience than Obama.

Sarah said...

I am so tired of this bologna that Sarah Palin has no experience. Obama's statement that he has more executive experience because he has ran a campaign for a year is ludicrous!

Where is the respect? The loony left disqualify Palin by disrespecting her time as mayor stating it was ‘just a tiny town’. They like to completely over look the fact she is the current sitting governor of Alaska. Give me a break!

AND…..as was said before we are now comparing their Top Guy to our #2. Interesting,.

Anonymous said...

She has more executive experience than John McCain...so does that mean she is more qualified than him?

You seem to be changing the distance of the goal post as you go along.

I also think you nullified your respect argument by throwing out ad hominem attacks like the "loony left."

That just seems to lower the discourse.

Sarah said...

I didn't start the comparison of Obama's experience to Palin's. That was started by the Obama camp. Obama can't hold a candle to McCain's senate experience so they try to sidestep and match up to Palin.

[QUOTE] You seem to be changing the distance of the goal post as you go along. [/QUOTE] How exactly?

Let me apologize for using such a obviously hurtful word as loony.
Definition: ADJECTIVE:
1.Extremely foolish or silly.
2.Crazy; insane.

Lies are ok. Twisting facts to meet ones purpose is ok. Ignoring or demeaning experience is ok.

Let me go and think of a less offensive term than silly.