28 June, 2008

Response to Lakeland

Someone who uses the pen name "Postmodern Preacher" who frequents a messaging board that I also use wrote the following in response to several conversations about the Lakeland revival and it is such a good thought that I wanted to share it here.


(The) Reformation, First and Second Awakenings were Word/Bible focused.
The preaching of the Word was center stage, and the results were worldwide awkenings.

Think of these events ... you think of Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, Wesley, Edwards, Spurgeon, Finney, Moody, Robers, etc. These men were Bible scholars, Bible preachers! We still study their theology today.

When I think of old school Pentecostalism, I think of Daddy Seymour, George Alford, RH Hughes, David Lemons, George Britt, Carl Richardson, EL Terry, George Vorhis, etc. There are no finer Word preachers than these Pentecostal preachers.

But along with the Word preachers, came those who preached and ministered in the gifts (not that the above didn't) such as Smith Wigglesworth, RW Schambach, Lester Summerall, AA Allen, Jack Coe, Aimee McPherson, K Kuhlman, etc.

Then a whole new breed of charismatics arose with many focusing on the experience such as healing, tongues, prosperity and wealth, prophesying over people, etc.

My reflection? When the church focused on the gospel, we had worldwide awakenings. Our influence in the world was powerful.

When the church is focused on experience, we are constantly trying to stir up the emotions. Our influence is negative - we have become a laughing stock in the eyes of the unbeliever.

The latest greatest in Florida? I am sure many are being blessed in spite of the terrible doctrine.

But what will be the long term effects? What will History of Christianity books say about this period of the church's existence?


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Sean McKee said...

Most of the revivalism that is happening in the chruch today is just self-help and motivational speakers with a "christian" spin. The speaker and Jesus (in that order) is the guru to help you get whatever you need, want, or the latest is to save the environment.