30 June, 2008

Unclaimed Treasures

I was talking to a friend today who was sharing with me some of the financial pressures his family was under. He made a comment that while it was almost more than his family can handle he knew that others wasted more than his need on foolish things. He mentioned how he knew some people that went to a $10,000 a plate dinner a few months ago. He remarked about how the $20,000 that they spent for this dinner/contribution would nearly be enough to erase his medical bills. Then he said something that got me thinking. He asked me if I had any idea how much money was unclaimed by winners of the Illinois Lottery every year. I had no idea. I cannot imagine winning that kind of money and not claiming it immediately! He said, that it amounts to nearly $10,000,000 each year that goes unclaimed. He said, "Can you imagine having millions and not knowing it?"

After we finished that phone call, I kept thinking over that question he asked. Then I thought about how there are so many who have far greater riches than this that they do not realize they have, that they fail to claim. God's Word is filled with promises and blessings that belong to the believer (follower) in Christ. There are so many who have failed to recognize that they are a child of the King and they are living so far beneath their privileges. I'm not one of these "name it and claim it" type people, yet I recognize that we have so many blessings, so much protection, so much authority that is ours because we are joint heirs with Jesus, yet most never claim those blessings or operate in that authority.

Child of God, recognize who you are and begin to claim those unclaimed treasures!

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