28 March, 2008

Super Dad

Yesterday afternoon my wife and I were at Disney's Hollywood Studios when my cell phone rang. I did not recognize the number, but it was from our home area, so I answered it. As soon as I answered the call, I hear my daughter , Ashley on the other end of the phone and she is frantic. "Dad, someone has taken my phone! I can't find it!" I asked her how someone got their hands on it, and of course, she did not know. I asked if she had called it, and she said she had tried several times but no one answered. I told her that I was really sorry, but it looks like she has lost her phone. She was just stunned at my response. She says, "But dad, you have to find my phone. You've got to do something!" I had to chuckle as I asked her what she thought I should do. She said, "I don't know, but you can find it."
Da, da, da da.... Super Dad to the rescue!

Isn't it amazing that at almost 15 years old, my girl still thinks her daddy can do anything... at least when she needs me to. Of course, most of the time, dad is out of touch, doesn't understand, just getting more and more square (or what ever term they use now days) with every single breath.

I explained to Ashley that we were in a park with hundreds of thousands of other people and there was no way we were going to find that phone. She was just crushed. She really expected her daddy to make everything OK and could not believe that I was not going to come to the other end of the park to help her find that phone.

By the way... about a minute later, my wife tried calling the phone again. Guess who answered? Ashley. It was in her back pack the whole time, and she had just not seen nor heard it the other times.

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Rodney Mullins said...

Hey Dawg,

I just read the Super Dad post and wanted to tell you that I am a 46 year old Papaw and my Grandson just ask me yesterday beat up his daddy. I am 5-6 165 pounds he is 6-1 250 pounds. I told my grandson I cannot be up his daddy he said yep you can do anything. LOL Thanks for the story.