25 March, 2008

A Glimpse at the Future

We are in Orlando this week because our kids are marching with their band in the Disney parade. The kids are staying with all their friends over at a hotel so my wife and I have our resort time to ourselves after driving down here by ourselves. It was amazing, not one argument all the way here! No fussing over where everyone wanted to eat. But I did notice that my wife called the kids about 10 times during the trip. I began to realize that in just a few more years, this is what it is going to be like. No kids... just us. I have to tell you, that is going to be quite an adjustment! I'm going to miss them terribly. As we are planning things to do on this trip, I realize things take on a different perspective and meaning when the kids are not involved. Disney World now does not seem so exciting. There is something about watching the kids there that gives it a different meaning. I'm sure when we go, my wife and I will have a great time, but it will be different. Here at the resort, I realize I've lost my shuffleboard partners, and the reasons WHY I once did things has now changed. Yep, it is going to be different. At the same time, I find myself thinking about the times when it will be just me and Libby again, and I think how we can do things that we like, when we want, and simply do nothing and relax together and not have to worry about bored kids and there is a part of me that says, "that is going to be nice!" You have got to understand, that to me, the best part of my vacation is going to the beach, laying out on the beach with a good book and listening to the ocean waves... and I am in heaven. With the kids, they love the beach, but they constantly want to be be playing and doing something different. I love that too... but I guess I'm getting older and ready to slow down.
By no means am I ready to shove my kids out the door. The thought of Daniel leaving this summer for college nearly brings tears to my eyes and my life will change greatly after that day. But this week I am getting a glimpse into the future. It will surely make me treasure these last couple years with them even more. Still, I realize it is going to be a great time when it is just me and my bride again.

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