23 March, 2008

I Get So Tired of Self Righteous People

Somebody put together the following video using the song "Fix You" by Cold Play and the movie "The Passion of Christ" and I think it is awesome. But a friend of mine (Travis) posted in on another message board and the attacks began, wanting to know why the person could not use a Christian song and making accusations of trying to bring the world into the church. You know, if you wanted to make a nice little video to make Christians feel good about themselves, then you might want to use the Happy Goodman Family; but if you want to reach an un-churched, non-Christian, then this was a tremendous idea, because they may be drawn to the video by the song or the singing group, and find themselves receiving the good news of Jesus Christ. It is time the church get off it's high horse and get down to where the people are.


Singing Owl said...

Amen to that, brother! This was well done. My away-from-church son loves Coldplay--I think I'll send him a link.

David Reish said...

I play the chorus and bridge here at the church. That is an incrediable song and video. Travis is just one of those guys that had he thought of it first he would have never said the things he has said against it.

Darrell said...

You read that wrong David. Travis was not the one against it. He was the one attacked for using it in his church.