28 March, 2008

One Last Day

Today is our last day in Florida before we head back to Illinois. I'm sitting out on our patio looking out over the lake surrounded by palm trees, ducks swimming in the lake and it is just beautiful. The temp right now is in the 70's and we will hit mid-80's in a bit as we go down to the pool and just relax today before hitting the road tomorrow. As I sit here soaking it all in, I find myself wondering, "What in the world am I doing living in Galesburg, Illinois?" Going further than that... why in the world does anyone live in weather like that? We've met people on this trip from Canada who told us that our weather is exactly the same as what they get. Seriously! They said that for 18 years they have checked out the weather in the Quad Cities, and what ever we had there would hit them in Canada in about 24 hours. How's that make you feel folks back home? We have Canadian weather!

Anyway, I find myself thinking, "Why did anyone ever settle in places like that for anyway?" I guess there are some nuts who enjoy that weather... but this old preacher ain't one! One day, should the Lord tarry his coming and I be blessed to live a long life, when I retire, you will find me living here among the ducks and pelicans, looking like a raisin. For now... I am off to the pool to try to forget all about the fact that I have to leave here tomorrow. One more day. I'm gonna make the most of it.

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