29 March, 2008

Read the Label!

I am always one who tells people to "read the label" when asked questions about a product. This time I should have taken my own advice. Yesterday afternoon was just a beautiful day, so we decided to spend some time down at the pool soaking up some rays before we head back home to the last blast of winter in Illinois. We were only out there a couple of hours, and I could tell I was burning, so I decided to go in for awhile. Turns out, I was burning pretty bad. I couldn't quite figure out why I had burned this bad until this morning as we were packing up getting ready to go and I went to take the last pill on the bottle of medicine that my doctor had prescribed for me 11 days ago. Suddenly it hit me... I was taking antibiotics! I looked at the label and it clearly warned in bold print, "Avoid prolonged direct exposure to sunlight. Severe sunburn is possible." Duh! I should have known better! I did not even think about it... but you better believe I am thinking about it today!

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