30 March, 2008

I Think I've Been In the Twilight Zone

OK, so yesterday we began the journey home from Orlando. We got on the road at 9:30 Eastern time and our plan was to drive to Clarksville, TN and spend the night, which is a little over 11 hours drive normally. Traffic was flying through Florida and we hit Valdosta, Georgia so early that we decided to cancel our room reservation in Clarksville and push on a bit further. Little did we know how smart a decision we were making.

We stopped and had a bite for lunch, filled up and hit the road again. And the weirdness began. After driving about 5 miles, traffic literally came to a complete stop. In the next hour, we moved a total of less that 14 miles. Finally traffic open up again and we were off and running, for about 9 miles and we came to a complete stop again. We traveled 72 miles in the next two and a half hours. From one end of Georgia to the other, there was a traffic jam due to them having the roads tore up for construction. Long story short, after driving for 13 hours, we are still in Georgia! We finally stopped in Dalton and spent the night, which was actually a blessing because we found a great place to stay at a very reasonable price, so we will be marking this one down as the place to stay from now on.

I need to get running so we can get on the road, but I have left out the nightmare we had at Shoney's last night. I'll save it for the next blog when we get home.
I'm just praying that there are no more surprises and we can actually make it home at a decent hour today!

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