31 March, 2008

More About Our Day In the Twilight Zone

I wrote about our day where we spent over 7 hours stuck in a massive traffic jam in Georgia... now the conclusion of that story. The 45 miles before we got to the by pass in Atlanta was bumper to bumper, stop and go traffic that took over 2 hours to navigate. By the time we cleared Atlanta, we were just toast and decided to stop and eat. We had not been to a Shoney's in several years, so we decided to stop there when we saw one. When we went in, they began telling us about the seafood buffet they were having which had catfish, trout, scallops, clams on the half shell, popcorn shrimp, fantail shrimp and several other items, plus you got a 4 oz steak with your order for $11.95. We noticed the buffet was nearly empty of food and Libby asked them if they were going to replenish it. They assured us that they were, so we both decided to have the buffet.

So, after we prayed, we went to the buffet, and we see that as they were refilling the "seafood buffet" they have replaced the trout with boiled potatoes, the catfish with bread, the clams with fried okra and on and on we go, so the only seafood left on the buffet was popcorn shrimp and fried shrimp... and there was not much of this. Libby asked the hostess about it, and she indicated there would be more out. There was not. She again went up to complain, and the manager told her that they had been very busy that night because of the traffic jam and they had run out of everything. Libby told her that they should have been honest with us and told us they were out rather than sell us the "seafood buffet" at $11.95 and just sold us the regular buffet for $8.95. The manager told her that she would just take care of our ticket for us. The really sad part is, after all this, this group of people came in and sat at the table next to us and they sold them the seafood buffet too, and then told them that they were out of steaks, and refused to lower the price for them.

I think I might remember why we don't go to Shoney's very often.

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