07 February, 2008

They Don't Get It

In case you have missed it, this is an election year. Of course you know that, and if you are paying any attention, you know that this is not the typical run of the mill primary season. By this point of the primary season, there is supposed to be a clear front runner, and everyone else is expected to step aside. The media is doing everything they can to tell us there is a clear leader of the pack, and they have been telling us this for weeks... even when their heir apparent for the Republican party was trailing in delegates. For what ever reason, (and I am not clear why) they have just decided this is John McCain's time to ascend to the top. It's as if they are saying, "He's paid his dues, he's old, let's give the guy a break." Looking at his record, I just don't get it. Yeah, he is a "war hero," although I have to admit while I respect him for what he endured in Vietnam, I don't see how this makes him a "hero." (Just my opinion folks.) He has been on the political scene for a long time now, but that is not good reason for him to be tapped for President. In fact, in my opinion, this is the strongest argument for why he should not be. His record is like that of a roller-coaster. Just last night on Fox News one of the Republican leaders was talking about how conservative McCain is and that people were being too critical. This pundit said, "McCain's voting record is very conservative, voting in favor of conservative issues upwards of 80% of the time."
Hello? Are you listening?
"Upwards of 80% of the time"?
So, somewhere between 20-25% of the time he is NOT voting conservative values! That's like saying that in 1 of 4 votes, McCain has voted against conservative values. One out of Four. I certainly would not call this man conservative! And American voters have noticed this and are not calling him conservative.

OK, let's look at this election season objectively.
Yes, he is leading in delegates in this primary, however we need to take a closer look at this thing in perspective. McCain is pulling states like New York, Illinois, California, Massachusetts and so on... the states that will certainly go to the Democrats in the National election in November. When you go to the states where the Republican party must win in November, McCain has either lost them or just barely slipped by with wins, just as he did in South Carolina and Missouri. This would tend to indicate that McCain is not thought well of in those key states. This spells trouble for the Republicans come fall.
Many are calling for Mike Huckabee to drop out of the election because he is pulling votes from Mitt Romney. Well, look at the results again from Tuesday, and once again in those key states, Romney did not fair well. The winner was Mike Huckabee, and even where McCain won, in most of those states, Huckabee was close on his heals. Romney finished third in those states.
Can you say trouble?

So, just what is happening? What is the problem? To me, I think there is a very obvious problem staring at us that is as clear as the elephant sitting in the living room. Yet, no one is mentioning it. The talk show folks like sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are not talking about it. Maybe they just don't get it. So, let me spell this out for everyone:
There are people in the Bible Belt who are just not going to vote for a Mormon for president. All the so called experts said that a vote for Huckabee was a vote for McCain because if you are a conservative, Huckabee supporter, your second choice would have been Romney.
Let me give all you "experts" a news flash: YOU ARE WRONG!

Certainly it is not all, but a large amount of people who live and vote in the Bible Belt would vote for a war hero before they would a Mormon.
Please understand... Mormonism is a cult. They are not going to cast their lot for a member of a cult!

Another key factor is that these "experts" have underestimated the impact that the Fair Tax is having in this election. Personally, I know numerous people who have previously ALWAYS voted for the Democrat, but they have switched and have voted for Huckabee because of the Fair Tax. A friend of mine pointed out that when you have people like Neal Boortz, who is a Libertarian supporting Mike Huckabee, you have to consider the influence of the Fair Tax. But all the legal eagles and pundits have missed that too because they thing the only people supporting Huckabee are the "evangelical right." However, if you look at the breakdowns that the media has provided, the Evangelical has almost equally been divided between the candidates, so their own numbers are not supporting their argument.
They just don't get it. Conservatives do not support McCain. The southern Evangelicals do not support Romney. The one candidate that is being supported has been ignored and pushed down and pushed aside is Mike Huckabee. When he wins, they find excuses to dismiss him as a fluke. They just don't get it.

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