06 February, 2008

Vote Your Convictions!!!

While I am very excited to see how Huckabee did yesterday in the elections, I am more than frustrated with people. I have had several messages sent to me by email and Myspace, and 2 phone calls from people telling me that if they had known how well Huckabee was going to do in their primaries, they would have voted for him. I keep saying this, and some are probably tired of hearing me say it, but STOP LISTENING TO THE MEDIA AND VOTE YOUR CONVICTIONS!!! Good grief people, THINK! THINK! THINK! Why in the world would you vote for someone who you really do not want to support when there is a man in this race who you feel good about? One of my friends told me that he really liked everything Huck stands for, but he felt he did not stand a chance, so he voted for someone else. Now, after his primary, he has decided to throw his support to Huckabee. Uh... too late! You missed the boat! Yeah, you might help with phone calls and/or financial support in other areas, but the place where you had the strongest voice, you missed the boat.

Now, let me make this clear... it is NOT too late. This race is not over. In order for McCain to win the nomination he must taked 48% of the delegates left. I think we can deprive him of this, forcing an open convention in St. Paul this summer. With that, anything can happen. Let's not give up now. The Huckabee train is gaining momentum and beginning to finally get some honest recognition. Sign up to be a Huckabee Ranger. Begin to make some phone calls in the states where primaries are coming up. It only takes a few minutes of your time and it can turn the tide in this election. Let's do this thing!

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