14 February, 2008

Taking a Look at Barack Obama

Barack Obama has swept onto the political scene capturing the hearts and minds of millions of Americans in a way that has not been seen before. He is young, black, educated, charismatic and talks of changing Washington politics... and people are listening and embracing the energetic new comer in massive numbers. The young people and minority groups are particularly drawn to him. I just watched a report on Fox where they were talking about how informed these followers are, but after the report I was left scratching my head at the sure ignorance of those interviewed. One young woman interviewed was asked what issues drew her to Obama, to which her response was, "He's so warm and charismatic in all that he says. He will be able to look the world right in the eye." (Say what?) Another man said, "He gives minorities the chance to be recognized." Another guy said, "Obama is a sure chance for change." And those were the BEST of those interviewed! One said he made him think of Jimmy Carter! Hello? Comparing Obama to Carter ought to be all that we need to disqualify him immediately! But I want to be fair and objective, so I want to take a few of the things Obama is saying and examine them. Of course, Obama's number one stump speech relies on a heavy emphasis on change. He keeps saying "Change", but just what exactly is he wanting to change? Let's see. I am going to start by looking at Obama's website, under the issues page and see what he says he stands for. (If you have not noticed, he does not say much, if anything about what he stands for in his speeches... for good reason!)

First, his site addresses Education. I have to say that I agree with him that we have some serious problems in America when it comes to our education system. Barak first addresses the No Child Left Behind situation. Again, I agree, this was a big mistake by the Bush administration. It sounds wonderful, but if a person just sits down and thinks on this one, it is absolutely impossible to meet the standards that this law outlines. It requires that ALL students reach a certain level in standardized testing, and if not, the teachers are held responsible. Lofty goal, but think about this. ALL students. No one fails. I'm sorry, but that is impossible. There are some children that are just not capable. This law includes severely retarded children and other special ed students. They simply are not EVER going to be able to test out at that level. It is a standard that is unattainable. The law needs to be removed.
Obama's proposal? More funding. Give the schools and teachers more money. Hey, my wife is a teacher, so more money for teachers sounds great... but all the money in the world is not going to make the impossible suddenly possible. He also wants to expand Early Head Start and Head Start. How? Increase the funding to these programs. He also wants to increase learning time. In other words... make more time in school, which means lengthening the school year. To do this, you have to increase teacher pay, which he is also for. How? Increase funding.
He wants to provide the means to give all young people the opportunity to receive money for college tuition. Man, that sounds awesome, and the crowds are eating it up, but are they listening to what he is saying? His website says this money would be "free" to most Americans. (Folks... nothing is free. Someone has to pay for it!) How would these prospective students receive this money? Barak says by donating some time to civil service work. People.... PLEASE LISTEN to what he is saying. In Germany and many other European countries, this is already the law. ALL young people are REQUIRED to serve 2 years in the military or another form of civil service work. THIS IS WHAT OBAMA IS PROPOSING FOR AMERICA! All young people will be required to go into the military or another form of civil service for 2 - 4 years!

How about the Economy?
Barack wants to raise the minimum wage. Simply put, if the minimum wage goes up, prices go up. It is a trade off, and does not work. When I went to work at my first job, minimum wage was $1.75 per hour. Sounds bad, but you could buy a new car for $5000. In 1979 a new Chevy Camero Z28 fully loaded sold for about $7,000. Today, with the minimum wage here in Illinois at $7.50 per hour, that type of car would start out around $30,000 or more. So, you see the wage increase means little.
Barack wants to "invest in US technologies" and "create new job training." How? Increase funding.
Just yesterday, Obama said he wanted to propose $210 Billion for new jobs. First, let me ask where does this $210 Billion come from? Second, who is going to work these jobs.
People, listen to the Democrats. Right now, unemployment is in the 5-6% unemployed range, which all economists will tell you is considered FULL EMPLOYMENT. The Democrats have argued that we need to keep the illegal aliens in the US because there are not enough Americans to fill all the jobs! For goodness sakes, if we don't have enough people to fill the jobs now... what will happen when Barack creates several million new jobs? Do you understand this will open the door to even MORE illegal aliens?

I could write volumes more on this, but you can go to his website and research for yourself all the lofty proposals that Obama has there, but notice one glaring thing. Obama over and over and over again says, "Increase Funding." Anyone care to guess what that means to me and you?

He and Hillary both said in their last debate that they would increase taxes.
They both said that they would pass a law mandating that all Americans purchase health insurance. My question is, how will Americans pay for it. Hillary has said that if you did not pay for it, your wages would be garnished to pay for it. Obama criticized her statement, but he offers no explanation of how it would be paid for.

Charismatic? Energetic? Young? Change?
Oh yeah, he is all of these things and more.
But if this man gets to the White House and gets his way... We are in a heap of trouble.
If you listen to what he is saying is, he will "level the playing field" which means taking money from those who have to give to those who do not. In case you are not able to think for yourself... this is Socialism. It is Marxist. It is the road that leads to Communism.
Don't take my word for it... check it out for yourself!
America is being hypnotized and is preparing to drink the Kool-aide.
Wake up America... before it is too late!


Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

I'm not worried about my wallet as much as I am worried about the "foreign policy" and "policy" experience of a President Obama.

He has even less Foreign policy experience than the current Occupant @ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue....how can that be? Surely we can't elect someone just because they are "charming"?

Darrell said...

I hear you Phil, but I fear it is getting ready to happen right before our eyes!

Libby said...

I am worried about my wallet! It is hard enough NOW to make ends meet! How will I and many other middle class Americans make it if we have taxes increase AND are forced to purchase insurance with no CHOICE! I don't need the government to tell me how to spend MY money. I have enough OTHER people dipping into my pocket!

I truly am concerned,however, about the safety of our nation if Hillary or Barak either one is elected Prez!

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I will give it to you, from my perspective:

Someone, somewhere must start paying the bills. Regardless of who moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we must "pay the piper." That will happen regardless of who is elected from whatever party. We have practiced such financial irresponsibility for the last 7+ years (and probably many years before) that we may NEVER see this nation's financial solvency again.

HOWEVER, our great concerns are not economic....they are foreign policy, and in some cases, domestic policy. We have RUN-AWAY illegal immigrants calling the shots in this nation--and we're stupid enough to let them do it. We have military servicemen and servicewomen who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan needing the best medical care we can provide, but we have no idea how to deliver it to them. We have an education policy that largely hasn't worked. With all the freedoms we enjoy, there comes GREAT responsibility.

Too many people have enjoyed too much freedom for too long, and now we must pay for it. We have that responsibility.

Darrell said...

I agree with you in large part Phil. But the point of this blog today was that Obama will only take us deeper into debt by adding the things I mentioned (and more that I did not get to) with no possible way of paying for it. The programs and policies he would put into place will come due to the next generation, leaving them bankrupt.

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

We have only ourselves to blame for bad economic policy.

The President has limited economic power. The Congress has limited economic power.

The voter has plenty of power...if they will only exercise it.