14 February, 2008

I Just Don't Get It

OK, just a week or two ago Mitt Romney was attacking John McCain calling him a liberal, as he attacked him on his climate bill, on the economy, on opposing the Bush tax cuts, and other issues. He was so strongly against McCain at that time that the two went at it hot and heavy in the last Republican debate and tempers were obviously ready to blow over. Nine days ago he was accusing McCain and Huckabee of making back room deals to beat him. Now... in just a few minutes, the Mitt man is ready to endorse McCain for President.
Yeah, I know the party has to "pull together" but looking at the issues and where they stood in this campaign, wouldn't you agree that Mitt's ideology would be better served by endorsing Huckabee and sending his delegates over that way? Just more proof that politics makes strange bed-fellows, and that they will all say or do anything to get elected, then throw their convictions right out the window if it suits their interests.


Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

and just WHICH part of this surprises you, Darrell?

revjlt1 said...

O.K. This is the same guy who flip-flopped on the abortion issue. It just shows that you can't trust him. Remember this when he tries to run again in the future.